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The MachineLearningApplications@CSAIL initiative focuses on applications of the latest machine learning (ML) technologies, research on the resolution of current challenges limiting the abilities of ML and professional development that will help prepare a company’s workforce for this digital transformation.

The initiative's approach is comprehensive and will address the vision for the future of machine learning, its applications in business, research where no commercial products are currently available and skill development for your workforce.

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What is visual computing? This field of research—sometimes called vision and graphics—covers the union of computer vision, graphics, and imaging. Research in visual computing continues to grow and expand, especially at MIT, and the technologies being invented at CSAIL right now are sure to have a major impact on industry to come just as they have in the past.  

MIT Future of Data
This initiative is an opportunity for industry partners to work with MIT researchers on new policy-informed, technical approaches to today’s privacy challenges, to understand the implications of new laws such as the GDPR, and to lead a global dialogue with policymakers, civil society, and industry leaders as we shape the future of privacy and data governance.

This initiative aims to advance the state-of-the-art in collaboration with select industry partners to address the hardest problems facing the finance industry today and develop the next generation of impactful technologies that will open up new business models, broaden access, gain new data insights, and improve security.

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"At CSAIL, we imagine a world where AI technologies, machine learning, and robotics, and decision-making, will help support cognitive and physical tasks in much the same way that today’s smartphones support us with computing and number-crunching tasks.

...CSAIL researchers will give you a peek into the future, into the technologies that are maturing, and coming around the corner that you may not know about. This can help your companies accelerate the adoption of the latest technologies in your domains."

Daniela Rus

Faculty Director, MachineLearningApplications@CSAIL
Director, MIT CSAIL
Deputy Dean of Research, MIT Schwarzman College of Computing